5 Best Cars To Buy This Diwali!!

Brighten your Diwali all the way better by getting a new, affordable yet the best car. We bring you top 8 cars under a handsome amount to take home this Diwali!


This car elevates the older generation’s positioning as a utilitarian workhorse to a luxurious lounge on wheels. The new iteration is revamped and is available with two new diesel engines. Available in a seven-seater, as well as an eight-seater, layout, the Crysta is brimful of niceties that make the experience premium. Features such as leather seats, foldable trays for rear occupants, automatic climate control and ambient lighting enhance the ambience in the cabin. Needless to say, the Innova is known for its bullet-proof reliability and this one seems no different.

Price: Rs 13.72 lakh
Variant: 2.7 GX MT
Fuel type: Petrol
Engine capacity: 2,694 cc
Mileage: 12 km/l

Loan EMI
Rs 34,864 (3 years)
Rs 22,858(5 years)
For Rs 10.9 lakh (80% loan @9.5% interest)

Running cost: Rs 4,803
(per month @30 km a day)

Resale value: Rs 7.27 lakh (after 5 years)


The Creta has been nothing short of a blockbuster for Hyundai, courtesy the lengthy feature list and the in-your-face looks. It also gets a variety of engine and transmission options for the customers to choose from. The Creta is the only vehicle in its class to offer a petrol and a diesel engine, with both automatic and manual transmission options. Safety features, such as six airbags, hill assist and traction control, give the Hyundai an edge over its immediate rivals.

Price: Rs 10.34 lakh
Variant: 1.6 VTVT S
Fuel type: Petrol
Engine capacity: 1,591 cc
Mileage: 11.2 km/l

Loan EMI
Rs 26,283 (3 years)
Rs 17,232(5 years)
For Rs 8.27 lakh (80% loan @9.5% interest)

Running cost :Rs 5,130
(per month @30 km a day)

Resale value: Rs 5.79 lakh (after 5 years)


Maruti’s C-segment offering packs all the essentials — understated looks, luxurious cabin with leather upholstery and a bucketful of features. It is one of the few Maruti cars that is made with the backseat passengers in mind. The generous legroom, rear air-conditioning and armrest make it a good choice for driving with a chauffeur. The Ciaz diesel also features a unique mild-hybrid ‘SHVS’ technology, which makes it one of the most fuel efficient cars in the country.

Price: Rs 10.28 lakh
Variant: RS ZDi Plus SHVS
Fuel type: Diesel
Engine capacity: 1,248 cc
Mileage: 25.1 km/l

Loan EMI
Rs 26,124 (3 years)
Rs 17,128(5 years)
For Rs 8.22 lakh (80% loan @9.5% interest)

Running cost : Rs 1,878
(per month @30 km a day)
Resale value : 6 lakh (after 5 years)


The City’s success story needs no introduction. The allure of the ‘H’ badge works well in the sedan’s favour and sees it topping the charts consistently. The claimed i-VTEC petrol motor is among the most refined engines for its Price and scores high on performance too. Honda also offers a diesel iteration of the City that delivers a steady mix of efficiency and fun. Features such as sunroof, paddle shifters and a digital climate control interface up its desirability quotient.

Price: Rs 10.38 lakh
Variant: i VTEC CVT SV
Fuel type: Petrol
Engine capacity: 1,497 cc
Mileage: 15 km/l

Loan EMI
Rs 26,379 (3 years)
Rs 17,295 (5 years)
For Rs 8.3 lakh (80% loan @9.5% interest)

Running cost : Rs 3,843
(per month @30 km a day)

Resale value : Rs 5.69 lakh (after 5 years)


The car brings so many pros and features that one can personally believe that BR in the car is an abbreviation for “Bravo”! Honda’s first crack at the booming compact SUV brings an extra row of seats to the mix. The only seven-seater SUV in the class, the BR-V is one of the few compact SUVs that feel completely at home both in the urban jungle and out on the highways. The planted ride and the obedient steering make the Honda a lovely companion on a road trip. Boot space is a massive 691 litre, with the third row tucked away, which makes the BR-V an immensely practical machine.


Price: Rs 10.9 lakh
Variant: i-VTEC V MT
Fuel type: Petrol
Engine capacity: 1,497 cc
Mileage: 11.9 km/l

Loan EMI
Rs 27,713 (3 years)
Rs 18,170 (5 years)
For Rs 8.7 lakh (80% loan @9.5% interest)

Running cost : Rs 4,842
(per month @30 km a day)

Resale value : Rs 5.97 lakh (after 5 years)

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